Hundreds of signatories, including foundation networks across Europe, representatives of foundations and NGOs, universities and individuals from over 30 countries are calling on EU Member States to give their backing to the European Foundation Statute in a recent open letter to EU Presidency countries.

The European Union continues to face a set of complex socio-economic and political issues as a result of the on-going crisis. These are affecting the most disadvantaged in our societies and further distancing ordinary citizens at a time when their involvement and support is most needed. Europe’s foundations are active in every area of citizens’ lives, supporting both individuals and civil society organisations, and running their own programmes, research institutes, hospitals and museums. The 110,000 foundations in Europe work on a daily basis to improve the lives of citizens and are recognised as key stakeholders in generating active citizenship in the European project.
The proposed Regulation needs the unanimous support of the Member States in order to become law. By supporting the proposed European Foundation Statute, national governments and the European legislature have a unique opportunity to help foundations better channel their resources to citizen initiatives and well-being across Europe, while also reinforcing the values espoused by the European project at this critical juncture. The signatories of the open letter strongly encourage EU governments to champion the European Foundation Statute, which will without a doubt bring much needed added value to the European project.
For further information, please visit the EFS webpages or contact the EFC secretariat at eu@efc.be
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